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Board of Directors



Kay Park, MD, AB '87, President
Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi, EdD ’81, Executive Vice President

William G. Glass, AB ’59, MBA ’63, Vice President Finance
Aaron J. Wilson AB '03, Vice President Finance
Madeleine Mejia, EdM '00, Vice President, Programs
Lisa Watanabe-Peagler AB '02, Vice President, Programs
Jonathan Aibel AB '91, Vice President, Communications
Steven Arkow, AB '84, Vice President, Communications
Daniel A. Medina, AB ’79, MBA ’83, Vice President, Schools
Eva Plaza AB ’80, Vice President, Schools
Elizabeth Gillis, AB '82, Vice President, Orange County
A.J. Rogers, MD ’79, Vice President, Orange County
James Low PLDA ’09, Vice President, Membership

George B. Newhouse, Jr. AB ’76, Vice President, Membership

Beverlee Bickmore AB '64, MPA '74, Vice President, Radcliffe

Isabelle I. Fox, AB '47, Vice President, Radcliffe

Priscilla Heim AB '52, Vice President, Education
JoAnn McKenna AB '65, Vice President, Education
German Enciso HMS Research Fellow '07-'09, Secretary
Albert Chang, M.D., AB '63, Immediate Past President
Madeleine Mejia, EdM '00, HAA Regional Director


Ethan Brown
Chi H. Bui
Gus Frias

Herbert Goldman

Maurice Levin
Lindsay Louie
Sonia Molina
Ed Ogosta
Dryden Pence
Jordan Reddout
Russell Riopelle
Ethel Seminario-Laczko
Patric Verrone
John Wang
Kevin Wegener
Kenneth S. Williams


Terry Nathan, Club Administrator 

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