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Kay Park, MD, AB '87, [email protected]

Executive Vice President
Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi EdD ’81, [email protected]
Vice Presidents, Finance
William G. Glass AB ’59, MBA ’53, [email protected]
Aaron J. Wilson AB '03, [email protected]

Vice Presidents, Programs
Madeleine Mejia EdM '00, [email protected]           
Lisa Watanabe-Peagler AB '02, [email protected]

Vice Presidents, Communications
Jonathan Aibel AB '91, [email protected]        
Steven Arkow AB '84, [email protected]

Vice President, Schools
Daniel A. Medina AB ’79, MBA ’83, [email protected] 
Eva Plaza AB ’80, [email protected]

Vice Presidents, Orange County
Elizabeth Gillis Warden AB '82, [email protected]
A.J. Rogers, MD ’79, [email protected]

Vice Presidents, Membership
James Low PLDA ’09, [email protected]
George B. Newhouse Jr. AB ’76, [email protected]

Vice Presidents, Radcliffe
Beverlee Bickmore AB '64, MPA '74, [email protected]
Isabelle I. Fox AB '47, [email protected]

Vice President, Education
Priscilla Heim AB '52, [email protected]
JoAnn McKenna AB '65, [email protected]

German Enciso HMS Research Fellow '07-'09, [email protected]

Immediate Past President
Albert Chang, M.D., AB '63, [email protected]

HAA Regional Director
Madeleine Mejia EdM '00, [email protected]  

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